Pre-design proposals

Identification and analysis of client’s needs, engineering research, economic evaluation of possible solutions and pre-design proposals
The first step is the preparation of survey marks in accordance with the provided geodetic base. Then a global navigation satellite system reference base is set up to ensure highly accurate geodetic measurements. Topographic and geological survey is carried out within the construction zone. Based on the survey results the contractor then suggests the most effective building materials for each structural layer.
The specialists at “Panevėžio keliai” can provide various conceptual solutions for potential problems. The proposed solutions are presented in a 3D model of the surrounding terrain so the client can assess their economic viability and effectiveness in terms of traffic safety and integration into existing infrastructure.
Economic evaluation is an assessment of a project’s economic ratios and socioeconomic value. Pre-design proposals are assessed by their effectiveness in:
• Traffic safety;
• Shorter journey time;
• Lower vehicle maintenance costs;
• Lower pollution levels.
We also produce traffic intensity, safety and pollution projections over time along with analysis of cost-effectiveness.

Technical projects

Preparation of technical project and technical work project

Designing structures in BIM environment

BIM application begins in the pre-design proposal stage. A comprehensive model is compiled concur¬rently with the technical work project and elaborated in greater detail during the technological project preparation stage, becoming an integral part of it.

Contract works involving BIM tools and ACS

Digital road model and accurate geodetic base enable the use of automated machine control systems (ACS). This modern technology allows the builders to automate a significant portion of the construction tasks, including road base formation, installation of structural road elements and paving. ACS is fully functional only with precise geodetic positioning of the site parameters.


Preparation of handover documents, warranty period servicing and maintenance, as well as regular structure management at the request of the client.
On completion, each structural layer (road base, frost resistant layer, crushed stone base, every asphalt-concrete layer) is geodetically measured. The measurements are saved as cumulative ‘as built’ surfaces and handed over to the client along with the associated documents and executed work logs. The data can be used in road maintenance or design of adjacent roads and structures.